Monday, September 22, 2008

Worldwide Moonlight Red Cross Campaign

As you know, the one year anniversary of Moonlight's premiere is fast approaching.... September 28th. Many Moonlight fans are making plans to commemorate that special date. Some are having gatherings & picnics, marathon watching parties, doing volunteer work and so on.

The international community has come up with a splendid idea. Fans are being asked to donate to the Red Cross in honor of Moonlight. With all the horrible hurricanes, earthquakes, floods & other disasters, the money is definitely needed. Be sure to notify the charity that you are donating in the name of Moonlight :)

Please note : Your funds should be donated directly to the Red Cross!

Here are a few details ~

Dear Moonlight Community,

Over at Moonlight en EspaƱol we (Latinamerican and Spanish fans) have been discussing a world wide campaign to raise Moonlight awareness. We decided to organize one day where fans from around the world could make a monetary donation to the Red Cross in Moonlight's name. We suggest a monetary donation because this is more approachable than a blood drive, and this way the Red Cross can invest in what is necessary. The date we have set is the 28th of September, Moonlight's premier anniversary. The donations go from 0.50 cents to 50 dollars, which will go directly to the country's Red Cross. These donations can be made in a number of convenient forms depending on the country and/or region. This includes via a phone call, the Internet, and of course, at the local Red Cross headquarters.

This campaign is readily accessible to fans all over the world, and will take place in one specific day, the 28th. The plan is to draw media attention to the widespread nature of our donations. With events that are simultaneous and worldwide there is much more coverage and impact than if it were done locally, as it occurs, for example, with worldwide movie premiers. Therefore it is important to adhere to the date and make sure that our donations are done on time.

We have been asked to include copies of the campaign and to send them to major parties, such as Nina Tassler, Joel Silver, CBS, WBTV, etc. which we will gladly comply as soon as we have gathered the results.

We are still working to include more countries. So far we have contacted and recieved a positive response from the United States of America, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Australia and Latinamerica.

For more info on contributing........

In English

In Spanish

In French

In German

In Italian

In Portuguese

Email :

Wondergirl created this great banner for the campaign!


SILVANA said...

Kandyegirl, Thanks so much to spread the word!!, we hope many fans join us in this amazing celebration day...


kelcouch said...

Thanks so much for posting the information on the campaign Kandye!! Also thanks for posting my promo vid... your site is my fav Moonlight site, so I'm honoured to have my vid here!

Once again.. thanks so much.. let's hope everyone donates on the 28th!!!

Kel :)