Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Video of Sophia Myles' appearance on Craig Ferguson's show

The great Absolutely Sophia has provided a video of Sophia Myles' new interview from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She is supposed to be there to promote the release of her movie, Mister Foe, in the States. However, they don't really talk that much about the film... which usually happens on Craig's show. He is so funny. A brief preview clip of our girl being seductive, in Mister Foe, is shown.

Craig kept talking about Vampires before Sophia comes out. I knew that meant he would ask her about our show. When he wonders why Moonlight was canceled, she simply replies "I don't know."

We find out that Sophia's work visa expires next June, and she plans to stay at least until then. Often, she has said how much she is loving California. In this chat, she admits that she wouldn't mind becoming a US citizen.

Sophia's wallet was stolen! URGH! On top of that, she didn't even like the movie she was seeing at the time. For those who haven't heard of it, she is talking about Don Cheadle's new action/spy flick, Traitor.

I've received lots of mail from those asking who Sophia Myles is dating. Now you have your answer. According to what she told Craig, she does not currently have a boyfriend.

Hmmmmmm..... she also says that she doesn't have a pet. Around Christmas of last year, she got a puppy named Jackson. What happened to him? :(

Do they not use the "shame on you" sign in the UK? Cute that Sophia had never heard of it.


cobby said...

I love Sophia as much as the next Moonlight fan....but I gotta say this, "who in the hell dresses her". I'm sorry but horizontal stripes on anyone is a total mistake. I think it would behoove her to get a "stylist" since she is not a tall woman and extremely curvy with a feminine body (yea). And if that's the best she can do...HELP!!! I've seen many personal photos and only once or twice did her outfit compliment her figure. Sophia, please, please get a stylist. And her hair...what was that all about???

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sophia Myles! I liked her before (especially in Tristan and Isolde and Underworld) but after seeing her in Moonlight well, she's the best. I miss seeing her in Moonlight as Beth Turner. Moonlight was the best show ever. PS- Last Sunday night was the season premiere of Entourage on HBO and Jordan Belfi was in this episode. Allthough I always wanted Beth to be with Mick, it was still good to see "Josh."

Anonymous said...

As much as I am a fan of Sophia, I totally agree with you Cobby about Sophia needing a stylist. But, in her defense, she at least puts forth an effort to dress up. How about Alex? At a few of the conventions and at that 1 movie premiere he looked like he was in need of a handout!

Anonymous said...

I think Sophia Myles pregnant. Abdomen is very evident. Just take an look.