Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still no details for Alex O'Loughlin's next project

Fans are anxiously waiting for the details about Alex O'Loughlin's new television project. Lauren asked TV Guide's Matt Mitovich if he had any scoop. Nope!

Today's News: Our Take

Question : Surely there must be some word on what Alex O'Loughlin will be doing next for CBS. Right? — Lauren

Matt : I know the Alex O fans are waiting with bated breath to see what his announced-long-ago talent deal will deliver, so I tried an "end run" and picked the brain of his Aussie pal, Yvonne Strahovski. (Remember, her mom works with his dad back Down Under.) Alas, the Chuck beauty told me, "I haven't spoken to Alex in ages. I owe him a call. You know as much as I do!" O'Sigh. Officially, CBS has "nothing to report at this time."


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Moonlight. Moonlight hooked me like no other TV show EVER has but I don't care what Alex's next project is , if it's on cbs I will NEVER watch it.

Anonymous said...

with he news of "josef" and "caroline" going to shows on HBO, I think Alex got screwed by CBS, they knew he is a draw and they needed to hold him to keep us interested in CBS. Maybe he could have been on some HBO show, instead of working to get a show that might get picked up.

Anonymous said...


Time to move on. Punishing Alex for something he had no control over is just plain ridiculous. It won't bring Moonlight back or hurt CBS if you don't watch, but it will hurt Alex. Besides, evidence now suggests Joel Silver and his more recent writers had a big hand in Moonlight's demise.

Anonymous said...

Moonlight was "gone" when the writers strike happened. the last 4 episoded seemed strained or just different. (hard to explain) in hindsight when I recently watched my own ML marithon, I could see somethng diffrent in the show. we all wanted our Mick/Beth, but it felt "different" Our cast has moved on, and hopefully to better things. I hope what ever Alex does makes him happy. As far a CBS goes, I never watch it before Moonlight because I never found a show I liked. Period. So not watching is not something I do to "protest" loosing ML.I actually heard of ML because I have a freind who worked on the show.

Lyn said...

There is a lot of good sense in these comments. Although I have not been able to "forgive" CBS and haven't watched it since they cancelled Moonlight, I agree it would be a pity to punish Alex for staying with them. From listening to his comments it sounded like a pretty tempting offer for any actor, so who can blame him? If it ever makes an appearance, I will watch it - for Alex's sake. That said, I have a lot of concern that he has made a mistake and will be left behind while other cancelled shows' casts (ML and others) are already coming back on our screens. As FANTASTIC as Alex is... acting is a very fickle profession and he shouldn't leave it too long before he continues on the momentum generated by Moonlight.

I also agree that - much as I LOVED the show (like anon #1, never had this happen before) after the strike there was something just a little off. FTP and Sonata were on the mark, but the 2 in the middle were missing something. I have been watching both Life and Dirty Sexy Money on their return and notice that the decision (much discussed at the time) to NOT create "after-strike" episodes, but to use the off season to develop the storylines and characters, has paid off. On their "regular season" return, both of these shows were huge percentages better than before the strike. I think (although we would have all howled at the time) Moonlight could have benefited from a similar strategy... of course that would have required CBS behaving sensibly, which seems difficult for them.

I do miss this show and still (still!) find myself sighing for what "might have been". Especially in view of the (very fast) failure of what was chosen to replace it.

Final word - I also heard a rumor that the creative team were a big part of the issue -- anyone have any more detail on that?

Anonymous said...

Lyn. thank you. I have a problem getting my "brain words" to get to my keyboard. I will watch whatever CBS puts Alex in. Hollywood is fickle, if you are gone too long, they forget you. That is why I wonder if Alex was to be given an oportunity, with any network, to do a show that would be his "baby" would it be with CBS. I seem to remember reading that he had signed a 6 year contract with CBS. Could he have been held to that contract because he IS a draw (like CBS didn't know!) while other actors in many cancelled series were let out of their contracts? There are so many things that we are not privy to, including who was involved with the ML demise.

Anonymous said...

I think CBS is surely going to get Alex back on our TV screens again...why would they spend all that money keeping him for a year and giving him all kinds of extra incentivess (produing, film pitches) if they weren't going to use him?! Plus they'd be crazy not to...he is red-hot! BUT, I think CBS hasn't paved his new path with rose petals. Alex has a touchy situation ahead of him. Any new show he does now will inevitably be compared to the fantastic Moonlight. So Alex needs us fans more than ever. I will be there for him no matter what! As much as I loved ML...I have also NEVER seen an actor that moved me as much as Alex. He needs our support so we can see him again. All the brauhaha around ML was not his fault.