Friday, February 13, 2009

SPOILER ~ Recap of Moonlight's 4th outing on the SciFi Channel

Spoiler Alert for those who still haven't seen Moonlight's Fever episode (#1x04).... do not read my recap below.....

First off ~ Am I the only one who did not see the scene of Mick talking to Leni in the ladies room?!?! Either I blinked for too time, or it was cut out. That is an important scene. We see, again, the gentleman side of Mick as he tips his hat to the women coming out. It establishes his longing for the family & children he can never have as a Vampire. Also, if I were Leni, my knees would have buckled when Mick said to look into his eyes and then pledged to save her and the baby.

Back to your regularly scheduled recap :)

Fever is the episode that changed the mind of many television critics and reviewers who initially weren't so kind to Moonlight.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has not seen all 16 of Season One's episodes...... It was bittersweet seeing Josh alive and well. We also saw the sweet relationship between him and Beth. The ease with which they teased each other. Beth saying she had to stick to the facts in her BuzzWire report about Josh's case because she was afraid she "would start babbling about how hot you are." Then, when Josh jokes that he might be cheating on her, she says "who would cheat on this?"

The desert is no place for our Vampire!

Who didn't want to rush to Mick's side to feed him and save his life?!? Or, just feed him anytime! *wink*

Beth and Josh went to Mick for help because our vamp is good at his job. And, he is a gracious host making coffee for his guests.

Love the touches of humor in Fever. Mick daydreaming that he had found a "vamp friendly vending machine." The humor also led to some of my favorite quotes.... Beth ~ "you're a delicate flower, Mick St John." Mick ~ "it's a giant thrill ride that never ends." Mick agreeing that he is indeed a delicate flower when Beth arrives to save him.

We watch Beth becoming more and more fascinated with Mick.

At this point, Beth had known Mick for a relatively short amount of time. I think she seems much more upset when she thinks Mick has been killed than when Josh actually dies. We do see her usual reaction of lashing out due to guilty feelings.

Those ice cubes were really fake... but give them a break... can you imagine what a continuity nightmare it would have been if they had used real ice.

Mick was willing to die rather than bite Leni. He has such honor.

I could write pages and pages after every episode about Alex O'Loughlin's outstanding performance. He makes it all so real and believable.

In the Dr. Feelgood episode (#1x03), Mick told Beth that he trusts her. Tonight on the verge of dying, he told Leni that he trusts Beth.

That bite scene.... Ooooooooo my! Beth offering her blood willingly. Did you notice her breathing?! :> Mick trying to get her to leave with Leni. Finally, giving in and allowing her to save his life again! Mick ~ "At some point, you're gonna have to stop me." Gave me goosebumps!

I enjoyed the way Mick broke through the door and simply snapped the annoying assassin's neck. So easy for him.

Another unforgettable final scene from Moonlight! I had to use photos of that last scene for my post. Mick leaning on one side of the door, Beth doing the same on the opposite side. Connected, yet separated. Underscored by the haunting melody of Into Dust by Mazzy Star. Perfect!

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Lyn said...

No!! I didn't see it either. I posted a question about it on the SciFi Moonlight site only to be told be several people that they had not noticed a missing scene.

It was always one of my favorite scenes... Classic Alex when Lenni asks him if he has children. That slight hesitation and facial expression that show quite clearly more of what he lost when Coraline stole his humanity from him. I also liked the cute little hat tip when he enters the room and the lady and little girl are coming out.

I wonder why this was left out. I am tempted to think it was to make slightly more room for commerical (SciFi cut to commerical just as Alex was walking toward the ladies' room) but I sure hope its not going to become a habit. I didn't notice anything missing from A.D. this week.

Thanks for noticing Kandye... I felt a bit "put out" by all the SciFi site bloggers insisting I didn't know what I was talking about. :o) Duh! I have only seen this ep, like, 25 times!!

Thanks as always Kandye... still the BEST Moonlight gathering place on the net!