Friday, April 24, 2009

Ask Matt answers a fan's questions about Alex O'Loughlin's Three Rivers project

TV Guide's Matt Roush fields great fan questions about Alex O'Loughlin and his new tv show pilot, Three Rivers.

Ask Matt

Question : There's been a lot of buzz about the Three Rivers pilot. I don't think I've ever heard this much about a pilot being filmed before. Is this an indication that it has a higher than normal chance of being picked up for the fall schedule? Do the networks push certain pilots to the top of the heap for better chances of being chosen? Alex O'Loughlin fans (me included) are chewing their nails off waiting for news on new pick-ups. Any inside news about this? The show sounds fascinating beyond the fact that it will star our handsome and talented Aussie hunk. —Cindy R

Matt Roush : The buzz about Three Rivers is magnified by the fandom for Alex O’Loughlin. Nothing wrong with that, but keep it in perspective. Industry buzz, including in the Hollywood Reporter just this week, indicates the show is a “strong contender” for fall, no doubt enhanced by the star’s enthusiastic following, especially since the demise of Moonlight on the same network. (There’s a reason he was given a high-profile guest role on Criminal Minds in an episode airing next week.) Is all of this enough to clinch Three Rivers an on-air spot? Maybe, maybe not. For me, the show makes some sense because with ER gone, there’s an opening for a new medical drama with sexy leads. The transplant-surgeon angle also sounds promising, but just the very idea of Alex O’Loughlin around blood (even if it’s being pumped into patients instead of being drained from necks) no doubt has millions swooning. Hard not to see why.

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