Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spoilers ~ Recap of Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15)

SPOILER ALERT! My recap of Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15)

I feel so sad for our boys.

This was a serious episode. A few light moments here and there, mostly courtesy of Josef as usual. Making Mick go couch shopping at 4 am. I snorted out loud when Mick asked if he should check the now infamous tar pits for Josef's fired designers.

When the detective tried to kick Mick out of the crime scene, Talbot stood up for him by saying all help is needed when a child is missing. I think he wants to be around Mick to check him out up close, since he is obviously investigating him.

Is that also why he offered Beth the job as a civilian investigator?

They brought back Erika Ringor as Detective Theresa Novak. Remember her from Fever (episode #1x04)? I like it when tv programs bring back characters. It adds a bit of realism.

Little Jacob Fordham is kidnapped. Bad memories for Beth. This also brings up bad memories for Mick.... in more ways than one. Not only reminding him of Beth's kidnapping, but of his history with the Fordham family.

Loved when Mick vamped & threatened the kid blood drinking Vampire, Leo. Dangerous! and sexy ;>

Of course, we already knew that Mick had been a medic in WWII. Tonight, we learned that his unit was stationed in Italy during the late summer of 1944.

Mick's best friend, Ray, is thought to be killed in action. The last thing he asked Mick to do was tell his wife, Lila, that he loved her and to take care of her. He tries to do just that. Both are grieving for Ray. They have that in common, plus years of close friendship. They end up taking comfort with each other, which often happens in these situations. However, Ray was not dead. When he returns, Mick simply disappeared from their lives. Can you imagine the guilt he must have felt? Still feels! We know how our Mick takes everything to heart.

This leads Mick to think that Jacob could be his grandson, and that the distraught father, Robert, may be his son.

I thought Beth was going to cry as Mick explained the story to her, especially when he admitted to loving Lila.

"See, I've sired plenty of vamps in my day, but no rugrats." One of Josef's only regrets about his Vampire life is that he can never have children. The look on Jason's face said it all. He can go from humor to a serious line like that with ease. And back to humor when he realizes Beth is standing there having overheard him say that Vampires can't have kids. "Hi Beth. Beth is here" Ooopppsss!

I agree with Beth. It is too early for having the kiddos conversation. They've only had one passionate kiss for goodness sake. Wow... that look Mick gives Beth when she says "We haven't even slept with each other yet. It may not be any good." He is too hot! If I were her.....

Beth had to know that Mick was not going to wait for the warrant before rushing to save Jacob.

Mick's eyes glowing in the dark! Super cool!

The DNA test proves that Robert is not Mick's son. "I didn't know how much I wanted a family until I almost had one." Alex's expression and voice did me in.

As I said at the beginning of this recap, I feel sad for Mick & Josef. Even though they could adopt sweet babies, then what would happen? Watch their children grow old and die? Turn them into vamps too? *sigh*

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