Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breaking News ~ Alex O'loughlin will star in Hawaii Five-O remake

Entertainment Weekly reporter, Michael Ausiello, has announced that Alex O'Loughlin accepted CBS' offer to star in their remake of Hawaii Five-O! What do you think, my friends? Will you be watching?

Pilot Intel: O’Loughlin booked for 'Hawaii Five-0'
EW - by Michael Ausiello

They booked him!

CBS has successfully persuaded Alex O’Loughlin to headline its in-the-works remake of Hawaii Five-0, sources confirm.

O’Loughlin will play Det. Steve McGarrett, the role originated by Jack Lord.

This marks CBS’ third partnership with the in-demand actor. Their previous efforts, Moonlight and Three Rivers, both ended after one season.

Earlier this week, Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim was tapped to join the Hawaii cast in the role of state police officer Chin Ho Kelly.

The update is being shepherded by Fringe writer-producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, as well as CSI: NY e.p. Peter Lenkov.

Thoughts? Will the third time be the charm for CBS and O’Loughlin?’loughlin-booked-hawaii-five-0/

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin (Stan) in a promo photo from his upcoming film The Back-Up Plan


Anonymous said...

I sure hope it works out this time. I am tired of only having him for one season and then being deprived! :)

*Jennie E. aka Darkravyn*

Lyn said...

I will watch and I hope for his sake this one works out. That said, I am not really excited about a 5.0 remake. Still, Alex is Alex and I expect it will still be a pleasure to see him whatever he is in. I agree with Anon #1... lets hope this one sticks!

Anonymous said...

I dont feel comfortable with this choice CBS has made ! I keep asking--- why can't they find something smart , funny, sexy and original ???? They have a great versatile,gorgeous, very talented actor,and he deserves GOOD WRITERS. I hope the "fringe writers" can produce, their Fringe series is not good. Is it still on?? Three Rivers' problem was the writers!!! Great subject,bad scripts !!! All of this is CBS' fault, they could hsve left "MOONLIGHT" alone , but Nina Tassler in her wisdom , said we fans didn't really like the show , we only liked ALEX!!! Why does she think we will look at five O ??? BECAUSE OF ALEX !!! She messed up big time and she has admitted as much . CBS is lucky that Alex still trusts them to come up with a quality product! I know I'm complaing too much ,but I think they have not taken care of "OUR ALEX" Angie

Anonymous said...

never watched a second of three rivers, will do the same with hawaii five-0, ugh,could care less....I loved MOONLIGHT - not only for Alex- but for the whole cast, the storyline, the chemistry between Sophia and Alex and .... IT WAS ABOUT VAMPIRES! cbs,the crap broadcasting station, is run by clueless idiots and once MOONLIGHT was cancelled I said I wouldn't watch anything on that station and I haven't, it's all garbage. MOONLIGHT was different and original.......