Thursday, November 29, 2007

iF Magazine Interviews Shannyn Sossamon ~ Part 1

To keep us going through this long Moonlight break, iF magazine is doing new interviews with the cast of our show. *cheer* Sean let me know about his recent chat with Shannyn Sossamon. This is part 1.

I like Shannyn asking Sean what he thinks about her character. That shows she wants to know what the fan's reaction is to her portrayal. His answer is spot on, "The bottom line with her is that she is an ancient vampire, even if she turned herself human in the present, she doesn’t have the same concepts of right and wrong that our society has today. She has different boundaries and she’s not really evil; she does what she thinks is right and almost everything she does is out of love for Mick, even if it is not a healthy kind of relationship."

It is great to hear what she thinks about Coraline and some of the behind the scenes decisions.

Shannyn Sossamon :

Of course, all of the things with Coraline, to be perfectly honest I didn’t know which direction it was going to go. When we first started filming the show it was unclear; the only thing that was clear was Mick St John’s character and his relationship with Beth was pretty clear. Coraline and her role was sort of unclear, but they knew they needed a character that would trouble with that relationship. Also, to make him a vampire in that way made it interesting and sexy

Shannyn also confirms what we already know, Moonlight means so much to Alex and he is involved in everything

iF Magazine :

....when you were cast, you knew about the flashbacks with Coraline. Then from that point things changed and did you know how they were going to bring her into the present?

Shannyn Sossamon :

The possibility that she was going to come into the present was always there. Did I know that they were going to the story with Morgan? No. I never knew how evil they might write her. I never knew how much she was going to try to mess up Mick’s life; it truly was as up in the air as any character could be. The only thing that was certain was that my character had made Mick a vampire on our wedding night, and then in the 1980’s she was left in a burning hotel room to die because she had kidnapped a little girl to turn her into a vampire for the ‘family’. Then of course that girl was a young Beth. So they needed all of that to secure the story for Mick and Beth for that central relationship. That was all that anyone knew about Coraline, so everything since then has been per discussions with all of us. Alex [O’Loughlin] has been really involved in the vampire elements so that it’s not just a procedural show. They all want it to have the depth of the vampire world and where they come from and all of the history. That stuff makes it yummy to watch, because procedural gets boring after awhile and there are so many of them on TV.

Interesting...... Alex has said in many interviews that he is not attracted to doing a procedural drama. Shannyn says the same thing here.

iF Magazine :

I know from talking to Alex, that in future episodes we’ll get to see more of Coraline and Josef’s past and see the even older vamps. How much of that are you actors told before hand and how much do you just discover when you get the scripts?

Shannyn Sossamon :

It’s about fifty-fifty, because there have been times where I’ve had discussions with the show runners and then I get a script and it’s in there. I’m always surprised that they stuck with what was discussed. I know Alex is really involved, incredibly involved, in where it’s going and he wants answers and wants to know where it’s going. So, no one is really just waiting for the scripts. I get in there a lot, because I was never fond of the uncertainty at the beginning of what exactly I was getting into. I was constantly asking questions about what was happening now and if I was playing in a certain episode I asked questions about how everything connect so that it all made sense. I wanted to create a performance that if it were a feature film it would make sense; otherwise it’s just confusing. The Morgan storyline threw me for a loop a little bit, but it was fun.

Read the entire interview here ~

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