Thursday, November 29, 2007

Moonlight to Debut on Australian TV December 12th

Good news for our Aussie friends.... Moonlight will debut on Channel Nine at 9:30PM, Wednesday December 12th! I bet Alex is excited to be seen by his home Australian audience. Hopefully, it will garner great ratings.

I had to use this photo of Mick. It is from the scene where he meets Morgan/Coraline at the restaurant & apologizes to her. Love him looking over the top of his sunglasses!


Francesca said...

Just love those eyes of Alex...Goodness he is just a gorgeous man.


Grayowlfeather said...

Love the photo ... and I also think it's great that Alex will soon be seen in his homeland!

Thanks for all the info you provide here! I love this site and am here almost every day!!!