Tuesday, December 11, 2007

CBS releases a new MickBeth fan video ~ Immortal Observations with Mick St John

CBS created and released a new fan video tonight! YEA! They titled it ~ Immortal Observations by Mick St John. It always makes me happy to see them showing an interest in Moonlight.... and realizing the fans want more. In the description they even wrote, " Mick St. John makes being immortal look damn good. That's right, Mickbeth fans, the EyeLab brings you yet *another* steamy MickBeth video. Because, like you, we just can't get enough. " Keep letting them know how we feel about our show! Join me in thanking EyeLab & CBS for their attention.

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Since I am on a roll with noticing the age thing...... In this video, Mick says he is 89. However, he told Beth that he would be 85 on his "birthday" last month. The show will probably explain later. As I have said, little inconsistencies happen on all shows. Plus, Moonlight went through a lot of changes to say the least. None of that keeps me from loving our show! :)

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Francesca said...

Love this video, Great work!!!

Alex is just breath taking and Sophia well she shines angelic like.