Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Keep Moonlight at the top of Hey! Nielsen's rankings

We want Moonlight to stay at the top of the rankings on Hey! Nielsen. Let's keep writing opinions about our show & its amazing stars. It is fun and shows the Nielsen folks what a huge fan base Moonlight has online.

As I am writing this, our show is #1, Alex O'Loughlin #3, Jason Dohring #6, Sophia Myles #7 and Shannyn Sossamon #9 on the overall rankings chart. Over on the Top Personalities chart ~ Alex is #1, Jason #3, Sophia #4 and Shannyn #5. *cheer* You are doing a great job! Moonlight is the only show to have ALL of its stars on the ranking charts, along with the program itself.

Now, we just need to get Brian J White, Jordan Belfi, Tami Roman, Holly Valance, Nate Mooney, Kevin Weisman, Vanessa Lengies (who doesn't like Leni?), Wes Robinson, Alice Greczyn and anyone else who guest starred on our show onto the charts. hehehehe.....


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Kristie1175 said...

I've been voting every day. :)