Friday, January 18, 2008

Spoiler ~ Promo Photos (set #2) from The Mortal Cure ~ Episode #1x12


Promo photos of Mick fighting Coraline's brother in tonight's episode of Moonlight ~ The Mortal Cure (#1x12).

Just wanna warn you again....... Major Spoilers Ahead :)

I gave you scoop on the temporary "cure," French Revolution, etc in an earlier post. This time.... For those who asked about the feelings Mick & Coraline reveal in the season finale. The true nature of their relationship has been the subject of great debate, to put it mildly. Some argue they did/do love one another, others say never, more messages say it was only lust, or assert that Coraline is nothing but pure evil. Whew!

In The Mortal Cure, Coraline does give Mick a small kiss on the lips after giving him the "cure."

Coraline's brother, Lance, is hunting her. Where he plans to deliver her is not a pleasant destination. When he corners her the first time, Mick is looking on. Instead of allowing Coraline to be taken, Mick intervenes... and is beaten badly by the much older & more powerful vamp. Later, he comes to her rescue again by fighting Lance WHILE HE IS HUMAN. Not good for our Mick. :( It is obvious that he is on the verge of being killed. While her brother is distracted by Mick, Coraline has the opportunity to get away. Instead, she surrenders herself in exchange for Lance not murdering Mick. As she does so, she says that whoever sent her brother will kill her... but Lance has no mercy. Coraline trades her life for Mick's.

As for Beth, she discovers that Josh was keeping a secret from her. While she is sifting through his personal effects, she finds info about another woman. She thinks that Josh was having an affair & decides to confront the woman. It turns out to be a business relationship only. Celeste is a jeweler. From her, Beth learns that Josh planned to propose.

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