Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hollywood Reporter gives hope to Moonlight fans by saying renewal is "probable"

A new article in The Hollywood Reporter is giving hope to us Moonlight fans. This is another confirmation of what we have already been discussing.... we need for the four new episodes to get big ratings!

At this point in the season, the strictly defined countries of "renewed" and "canceled" have acres of gray area in between. A couple dozen shows are clustered near the border, on the verge of being declared dead or alive for next season.

-- "Moonlight." CBS is playing wait-and-see with this Friday night show. The network is curious whether the show's fans return once it comes back from its strike-induced hiatus. But Moonlight fans are passionate, the show fits well into CBS' Friday night alternative crime block and an eventual pickup is probable.


Anonymous said...

We fans are starved for new ML episodes! CBS need not worry. Millions will return to CBS on 4/25 @ 8:00 pm CST. And the following Fridays, too. CAN'T WAIT!!

Anonymous said...

Is that a trick question. Like DUH!!!! of course we'll be back. We haven't gone anywhere. We'll still be here waiting impatiently till April 25th rolls around. It's been so long without our Moonlight that fans including myself are going through withdrawls symptons. It's going to be one giant party come April 25, that will be heard all around the world. :)