Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moonlight casting news ~ Eric Winter will play ADA Talbot

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that Eric Winter will join Moonlight's cast. He will play ADA Talbot. It is great to hear of more progress toward our new episodes :) Hmmmmm.... in a previous post, I mentioned Talbot bringing some tension to the show. It looks like that is definitely gonna happen if he tries to become a rival for Beth's attention!

Doesn't look like that Kevin-Jason reunion is happening anytime soon on Brothers & Sisters. CBS' Moonlight has tapped the so-pretty-it-should-be-illegal Eric Winter for a major recurring role, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Winter, who's onboard for a minimum of three episodes beginning with the show's post-strike premiere on April 25, will play ADA Benjamin Talbot, a handsome, self-assured gent who plays by his own rules. I'm hearing Ben sets his sights on Beth (Sophia Myles), which, as you can imagine, makes Mick a very angry vampire.

This is definitely good news for Moonlight. Not so much for Brothers & Sisters. You with me?


Sandra said...

I'm with you, honey! Although can't stand anything coming between our Mick/Beth, it is good news for the show!

kookiegirl said...

Wow, can't wait to see how good is this guy getting Beth's attention from our gorgeous Vamp Mick! I think he's gonna have to work reeeeeal hard! ;) Loving all the attention Moonlight is getting lately, just were the heck is promoting the upcmoing epis??? Aghhhhh!!!

Deborah said...

I have no doubt ep. 13 will be an intriguing & exciting one, just like the past 12 eps. I love the idea that our Mick is going to get a rival regarding to Beth. Maybe this ADA's romantic attention will "push" Mick to tell Beth of his true feelings. I am so looking forward to seeing the 4, new eps. beginning 4/25.

Thanks, Kandye, again for all the uplifting news. All your up-to-date info. really helped me dealing with my "MOONLIGHT DROUGHT"!! Great job well done as usual.