Friday, March 14, 2008

Matt Roush is asked why CBS moved Moonlight's return from April 11th to the 25th

Since CBS changed Moonlight's return from 04/11/08 to 04/25/08, I have received loads of concerned emails. As I said previously, one positive thing to keep in mind is our show will be on during the important May sweeps. Matt Roush brings up that same point in his response to a reader's question in his Ask Matt Column.

Question :

I'd like to know why Moonlight's next new episode was moved from April 11 to April 25? Are they simply not ready with the shows, or is it because of the replacement for Chip?— Sam

Matt Roush :

Given the behind-the-scenes chaos on this show, I'm thinking fans should consider themselves lucky with whatever they get whenever they get it. I don't know if production concerns are behind the delay, but practically speaking, it makes more sense for CBS to hold the episodes so all of the originals air during the May sweeps, which is what looks like is happening.

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