Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ausiello gives his opinion on Moonlight's chances of returning for another season

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has created a list of bubble shows, along with their odds of being renewed for another season. He gives Moonlight a high rating on his survival scale. YEA! Of course, I wish it had been a 10... but an 8 is pretty good.

What does he consider the good news for our show? The FANS! Michael also mentions the fantastic Moonlight Blood Drive :) Have you made your appointment yet?

Bubble Show Update: Will Your Faves Be Back?

It's pins-and-needles time in the TV biz. Over the next couple of weeks, the suits at the Big 5 will be deciding which bubble shows will be back next season and which ones will be fast-tracked to the MIA network. To help ease your anxiety — well, except in the cases where the bubble's about to burst — I've compiled a list of those shows currently hanging in the balance followed by my own assessment of their chances and, mixing buzz and intel, an Odds of Survival rating of 0-10 (0 being dead and 10 being a shoo-in for resurrection).


The bad news: Another backstage shake-up has left the series without a show-runner.

The good news: Fans are batty over this vampire drama and have even gone so far as to organize a blood drive with the Red Cross to draw attention to it.

Odds of Survival: 8


evah said...

I just read this minutes before you posted.

I think Ausiello is finally seeing the "light" (Moonlight) & it's chances for renewing.
It is indeed worthy of a 10...but 8is very good.....the highest he has given any of the others.

Moonlight said...

Hey Evah ~

I agree :) He only gave two shows a higher rating than Moonlight ~ The New Adventures of Old Christine & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The bad news: CBS doesn't own the show. It does, however, own Rules of Engagement, and the buzz is that the network only has room on its sked for one of them.

The good news: It's the funniest traditional sitcom out there.

Plus, ABC is waiting in the wings to pick it up should the Eye cancel it.

Odds of Survival: 6

Odds of moving to ABC if CBS should cancel it: 10

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The bad news: For as much money as Fox poured into this show in terms of promotion and special effects, it should've done better.

The good news: The network seems to think it will do better next season — it's already staffing up.

Odds of Survival: 9

Cordially ~

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