Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watch With Kristin's new interview with Alex O'Loughlin

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos has done a new interview with Alex O'Loughlin. He chats with her while trying to grab a bite of food. Being a gentleman of course, he apologizes to her for doing so. They discuss the wonderful Moonlight Fans Blood Drive! It is cool to hear about the possible Red Cross spokesperson position directly from Alex.

I wish CBS would just tell Alex that they are not going to let him or Moonlight go already!

We are so fortunate to have such a great guy leading our show. Thank you, Alex :) In case you need it, here again is a link to make your pledge for the Moonlight Blood Drive ~

Watch With Kristin
Have Dinner with Moonlight Star Alex O'Loughin

OK, so that title up there may be a little cruel and misleading to any fans who thought it a real invitation to have a romantic picnic in the sand with Alex O'Loughlin. (I'll pause while you visualize...and wipe your drool.) But in the Q&A that follows, you can have the next best thing (maybe?): A cyberdinnertime-chat experience with Alex, who called just moments ago, while chomping down a salad during a five-minute break on set. (Did you hear the one about TV leads being busy?)

More importantly, as you may have heard, the fans of CBS' Moonlight are a wee bit...impassioned. And by "wee bit" I mean they are willing to give their own blood and have coordinated a truly heartwarming (see what I did there?) philanthropic campaign to help support the series, via a blood drive with the American Red Cross.

Read on for Alex's thoughts on the fandemonium, the prospects of season two and what's in store when Moonlight returns to CBS on April 25...

Kristin : I heard you were so moved by the fan blood drive, you want to take part?

Alex O'Loughlin : Oh yeah, I’m a part of it. I’m hopefully gonna be spokesperson for Red Cross at some level. But I’m absolutely being a part of it.

Kristin : How does it feel to know your fans care that much?

Alex O'Loughlin : It’s just so great. Even more so than them caring about the show is that such initiative is being used to participate in a community service at such a selfless level. I think it’s such a great idea, and it’s such a wonderful project and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. And then on a show level, it’s thrilling to know that people care about the show as much as I do.

Kristin : How are you feeling now about the chances of another season?

Alex O'Loughlin : Before I tell you that, I’m going to apologize because I’m eating a salad while I’m talking to you.

Kristin : No problem. I know your schedule is very busy, what with you being in every scene. And it's nice to know you really eat—unlike your alter ego.

Alex O'Loughlin : I eat real food so Mick doesn't have to. As for another season, I think it’s difficult to answer, because CBS is so unpredictable in how and why they make the decisions they make. Which is why no one, not even the other networks can second-guess them at this time of the year before the upfronts. Personally, I think it’d be a smart business choice to pick the show up, because we have such a rabid fan base and people will tune in to watch.

Kristin : Is it hard not knowing?

Alex O'Loughlin : As an actor, I can’t ever afford to second-guess anything, because more than often, I’m wrong, and it hurts too bad. I’m so invested in this show. I’ve put a lot of love and a lot of heart and a lot of thought and a lot of creative and emotional energy into this piece, and I don’t want to go anywhere.

Kristin : The fans would agree. What can you tell me about what we can expect when the show comes back?

Alex O'Loughlin : Sex and drama. Lots of sex and drama. Sexy sex and sexy drama. We’re just finishing up episode 14, which leads to 15 and 16.

Kristin : Does it feel like you're ramping up toward the season finale?

Alex O'Loughlin : Yeah, things are getting bigger. It doesn’t feel like a finale. It feels like a beginning. I don’t feel like we’re riding for the end. We are at beginning of something huge. I haven’t read episode 16, which is our final installment, but I’ve just finished 15, and it’s fantastic. It’s so full of life, it’s awesome stuff. It’s got some incredible flashbacks, and it’s got some Mick emotion that will knock everyone out of their socks. It’s got a whole bunch of stuff that will really rock the fans.

Kristin : You and Sophia (Beth) have such great chemistry.

Alex O'Loughlin : We’ve become great friends. She’s a terrifically committed actor, and she’s a ball of fun on set. She’s outrageously funny herself and loves to be a part of the gag. She’s just a real team player. You'll always find her hanging out with the electrics or hanging out on the curbside laughing with the wardrobe and having a great time, as opposed to, like, stuck up in her trailer. She’s not that person. So it's great working with her. We're having a blast.


honey said...

Kandyegirl, thank you for keeping me sane until the return- another tasty morsel with this interview.

Moonlight said...

Awwwww.... you are most welcome, Honey :) And, thanks to you! We have all stood together & helped each other during this LONG wait for our show to return.

XO ~

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Anonymous said...

I loved this interview with Alex. Lucky Kristin, indeed! I almost fell off my seat when I read what Alex said about the upcoming episodes, "Sex and drama. Lots of sex and drama. Sexy sex and sexy drama." I hope I will get to see some steaming scenes between Mick/Beth. April 25th can't come sooner!!

Also, Alex is so loved by all us MOONLIGHTERS because of his dedication to this awesome show. His appreciation of us fans is truly heartwarming.

Kandye, thanks for all your updates. You have made the MOONLIGHT drought bearable. keep up the great work.

Moonlight said...

Hi Anonymous ~

I like Alex's description of what Moonlight has in store for us also ;> He is such a wonderful person. We are fortunate to have him leading our show.

Thanks for your kind words! I'm happy to have helped in my own small way.

Cordially ~

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