Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Campaign to move Moonlight to another network

This photo of Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John vamped out for a fight definitely fits how we feel!

As I have said, my loyalty is to Moonlight.... not to CBS. I will watch Moonlight no matter when or where it airs! Let's campaign to move our show to another network. A new home that will appreciate it. Since Warner Bros Television owns & produces Moonlight, they can sell it to any network. We need to urge them to shop it around. At the same time, we should encourage other television networks to pick up what CBS has shortsightedly dropped. FX seems like a great fit to me. Alex O'Loughlin is already known there from his great role as Det Kevin Hiatt on The Shield :) Of course, we are open to ANY tv network that is smart enough to pounce on Moonlight.

Tell the WB that we will follow Moonlight!


Moonlight's WB page

WB feed back form ~

Petition to move Moonlight to another network


Anonymous said...

This would be a great idea if the stars of the show are on-board. If they are not, it's a mute point. Does anyone know if they would be up for this? Actually, does anyone know if Joel Silver is up to this? If we knew the answers to these questions and they are, I would support and help promote 200%.

Rachelle said...

Feedback given, and petition signed. Thanks Kandye! I much prefer the proactive approach to the moping I'm inclined to do at the moment.

And to those who feel it is hopeless, please know that organized fans really can make a difference. I was involved in the campaign to save Roswell. That included a switch to another network. We managed to get three years out of that show when it originally looked like it was over with season 1.

So it's not over yet, folks. I am hopeful in that we fans are not only passionate, but come from a wide demographic range. Some other network may well be interested in snagging a loyal and diverse fan base.

Lyn said...

Rachelle - can you share with us some of the things you did to get Roswell moved? Is any of it applicable here? Sounds like that is the kind of smart, proactive approach we need...

Anonymous said...

wow that would be cool i am in for anything for moonlight. yes cbs was the carrier for moonlight but since they cancelled it i am only for moonlight just as you are. i hope another network will pick it up.

Deborah said...

My anger & disappointment are over. I have no respect for CBS anymore. I am ready to fight to find another network or on cable for Moonlight.

Leeser of Moonlightline spoke to someone at Silver & Co. She was told that Joel Silver & co. are aware what fans are doing & that they are working on "Plan B" I am hoping that they are shopping for another network or on cable.

Meanwhile, all of us should continue to support Moonlight whichever way possible. I will follow Moonlight wherever it will be.

Thanks, Kandye, for all the links.

evah said...

I'm on it. Sent emails.
Signed petition.
I'll do what it takes to get Moonlight on another network.
"thanks" for keeping us informed.

Rachelle said...

Lyn, I was only a footsoldier in the Save Roswell effort. Our website folks were in direct contact with writers, producers, etc. We had a massive Tabasco Campaign where we flooded the studio with tiny bottles of Tabasco and letters. (There's a photo of Katie Heigl surrounded by the thousands of bottles received by The WB.) The next year when cancellation loomed again, we turned our attention to UPN with the same kind of passion. I don't want to go on too much about Roswell here, because this is about Moonlight, of course.

I think having a united front is a key factor. A shotgun approach doesn't hurt, I suppose (I will sign any petition, vote wherever, etc., do anything to be supportive), but once a plan is in place, we all have to move as one and follow through. There are folks who are coordinating such an effort, I am certain. Check out Moonlight-united.com where several fan websites are working together. That's a good start.

Plus I know Kandyegirl will keep us well-informed :D

Don't give up hope, people!

Anonymous said...

Kandye, thanks so much for the links. I've sent emails and signed the petition. I was miserable last night, but now I have some hope. Surely CW is smart enough to know that they'll pick up a sure hit w/ML. 8M viewers will follow ML anywhere.