Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Deadline Hollywood Daily reports no network will pick up Moonlight

Per Nikki at Deadline Hollywood Daily.....

'Moonlight' Is Dead At MRC & Everywhere

I just heard this morning that it's a no-go for Media Rights Capital, which is programming Sunday's two-hour block for the CW, to pick up Moonlight. So it's dead, gone, six feet under. The cancelled CBS show was officially offered to MRC yesterday. (It was also offered to others, but the people behind the show thought MRC was their best shot.) And there was enough of a chance of a pick-up that Warner Bros television took the unusual step of agreeing to delay its order yesterday to strike the Moonlight sets until Friday to see what happened. And a lot of lobbying and arm-twisting has gone down since then. However, first thing this morning, MRC officially passed. The reason I'm told is that MRC, rightly or wrongly, is committed to looking for fresh materal, not recycled. (MRC has already semi-announced its four original shows for CW's Sunday time slots...) But in my opinion, it's dumb move by MRC. Not only would Moonlight's existing ratings be a huge improvement over anything now appearing on the CW, but the financing and production company could take advantage of the awareness already built up thanks to CBS's heavy (in other words, expensive) promotion of the show throughout this past TV season. At a time in the TV biz when it's so hard to market new shows, that's a big plus. A big minus, however, is the tough deal that WBTV would drive, and that's what sunk the show at CBS, too.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so does that mean the show is officially doomed? There's absolutely NO hope? Because that was a bit vague, so I'm wondering if they just mean with the CW/MRC in general.

I don't know how to feel. I wish I wasn't a civilian, that I could be doing more, that I at least lived anywhere near LA so I could participate near the station headquarters, but I'm out in the midwest and have no access to something like that. I feel like I should be continuously putting all my energy into this cause, but right now I'm emotionally drained and depressed.

What are we to do? Is there any hope? At all? Or are we officially cut?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that anyone will pick up the series, it really stinks. I don't get why they had to cancel it, because it got great ratings, and it also got great rating when the aired the repeats on the sci-fi channel. I think someone should at least end it in a good way, because it was like they just left you hanging at the last episode. They really should bring it back.