Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Message to Moonlight fans from David Blue

This is a message to the fans from David Blue, otherwise known as Moonlight's vamp slob/computer guru ~ Logan :)

MOONLIGHT "cancelled" or what?

Okay guys,

About a gajillion of you have been emailing me asking about Moonlight and what I know. Just to clear it all up, the truth is, much like Ugly Betty, I'm not really in the loop about these things. The "Series Regulars" (main leads of the show, i.e. Alex, Jason, Sophia) are the only ones who are sometimes privy to political information about the inner-workings of the shows. As a "Recurring Guest Star" (on both shows) I only really hear stuff when they want to use me or when I'm shooting. So as much as I'd love to tell you what's going on with the show, at this moment I'm getting my info from the same sources as you. (And I'm not about to call Alex or Jason and ask them directly or bother them while we're all dealing with this -- besides, Alex is on a MUCH deserved vacation. The man works fifty hours a DAY).

I would imagine that everybody involved with the show is happy and humbled by your efforts... And very appreciative. My fingers are crossed for something to come together, as I have a lot of fun playing Logan and always laugh when I work with Alex (not to mention everybody else too... Jason, Sophia, Jacob, etc).


Now that that's cleared up, make SURE to watch this Friday night's episode!!!! I won't reveal anything, but it was fracking AWESOME to shoot and soooo cool to be involved with. Let me know what you all think!


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