Friday, May 9, 2008

Fan Video ~ Bleeding Love A MickBeth Story

Welcome to Moonlight Friday! I can not wait to learn more about Mick St John from the flashbacks & memories in tonight's episode ~ What's Left Behind (#1x15). What do our lovely writers have in store for us?!?

To keep us going through the last few hours, we have a wonderful fan video to enjoy. DarkRavyn has created another amazing clip for us ~ Bleeding Love A MickBeth Story. I like the way she describes it, "Beth and Mick have both been hurt by love in the past. But when they realize that they should be together will they overcome their pasts or run scared? What do you do when you find your one true love? You open a vein...and let love in."

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis is the music used. Great choice! DarkRavyn mixes some of the best Mick & Beth moments that really match the song. Kissing.... biting.... a little blood ;>


Rappleyea said...

Awesome video! Thank you Darkravyn.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous video, I'll watch it again and again!