Friday, May 9, 2008

The Hollywood Reporter thinks networks will be generous with renewals

James Hibberd has written an article, for The Hollywood Reporter, about the chances of bubble shows being picked up for a second season.

Networks generous with renewals
Some shows will get second chances despite ratings

For broadcast series still hoping for a renewal, last week was rough sledding.

CBS' "Shark" and ABC's "Women's Murder Club" returned to post about a 2.0 rating among adults 18 to 49, joining low-rated outings by fellow bubble shows "Moonlight" (CBS), "Boston Legal" (ABC) and "Reaper" (The CW).

But with most scripted series struggling from a writers strike ratings hangover, the networks seem inclined to give some of the lagging shows a second chance this fall.

Here's how things stand:

-- "Moonlight": Since returning post-strike, "Moonlight" remains the weakest link in CBS' Friday night lineup. Yet the vampire drama continues to win its time period. A pickup is all but certain.

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Anonymous said...

It seems so very bizarre to me that Moonlight is consistantly being referred to as "weak in the ratings" when to look at the fan sites and message boards and fanblogs you would HAVE to see how wildly popular it is and what a fantastic range of fans the show has. Who ARE these mysterious ratings people that keep saying no one is watching (or enough people aren't watching) this show? What rock are they living under? How many many times have I read messages where people say they have NEVER before in their lives taken action to show and state their passion for a television show (including myself!), but they are doing that for Moonlight? SO many times it must be a phenomenon! Surely that counts for something? The show won the People's Choice award! Are we being played here? Or is there a true and real concern about CBS keeping this program? I'm supporting the show and I'll keep emailing or giving blood or whatever to let the network know the fans are real and ready, but do all our efforts count at all?