Friday, May 9, 2008

Video ~ Part 2 of Alex O'Loughlin answering fan questions

Up Close with Alex O'Loughlin part 2.

TV Guide's Matt Webb Mitovich has given us the promised second part of Alex O'Loughlin answering questions sent in by Moonlight fans. He tackles many topics.....

How would Moonlight be different if it was on cable? Alex says "there'd be a lot more blood, there'd be a lot more sex, there'd be a lot more everything." Sooooo, how do we get our show moved to HBO?!?? *wink*

We've all discussed what a gentleman Mick is ~ opening the door for Beth, tipping his hat when he went into the ladies room in Fever (episode #1x04), etc. Alex addresses whether those "chivalric gestures" are his or the writer's ideas.

Does the cast have any input into the set design of their apartments or the fantastic music heard on the show. Short answer, "no."

What does he like or dislike about being a celebrity now. Being the fab person that he is, Alex is happy about the attention it can bring to charity work.... such as the amazing Moonlight Blood Drive, which he mentions again!

Exactly what color are Alex O'Loughlin's eyes has been a BIG discussion. I even did a post specifically about his expressive eyes right after Moonlight first hit the air. According to Alex, they are "hazel-y blue but they change color, depending on how much sleep I've had, if the sun's out..."

Alex's favorite cartoon character is the same as mine! I knew I liked him for a reason. hehehe


Anonymous said...

I've been reading and watching his interviews a lot recently,(thank you for posting them!), I really think Alex is a philosoper and a comedian,,, and he is the maverick king!! facinates me so much! I want to see more of his work and if he has interested in doing any other form of art: poetry,novel,etc,,,I think he will be great at that too.

Love Monkey Magic

TexasBlondie said...

I am so excited - every time I watch this interview I smile - he answered my question!!! I am sooo excited.