Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The fight for Moonlight continues!

Updated with new info!

We are still fighting for Moonlight! After all, our cast, crew & writers deserve it. None of us would be satisfied if we didn't try everything in our power to save Moonlight.

Please, continue urging Warner Bros to shop our show around to other networks. We also want to write the networks.... CW, SciFi & USA in particular.... letting them know what a goldmine they could have if they pick up Moonlight. Tell them all that we will follow our show!

Moonlight United has asked us all to join in the Perpetually Cool Postcard Campaign. Here are the details ~

With today’s news that CBS has opted not to pick up Moonlight for next season, Moonlight fans have been asking what we can do next. The idea of a postcard campaign, in addition to calling and emailing, seems to be the most popular and viable option for requesting that another network pick up our show.

To make this as easy as possible for fans, and to provide a united front, we’ve created a simple .pdf file with two postcards that you can print on cardstock and mail in. We encourage fans to write their own “perpetually cool” message on the front, and write the address on the blank side.

Right now we are targeting Warner Bros. (the studio that produces the show) to ask them to find a new home for Moonlight, and the CW, which is rumored to be interested.

Time is of the essence so these cards need to get to Warner Bros. and the CW within the next 24-48 hours. Overnight delivery is your friend!

Please, spread the word! You know how important it is... and, as always, I know that I can count on you :)

Contact info again.........

Warner Bros Studio
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Phone Number ( 818 ) 954-6000

President of WB Television
Peter Roth

WB feed back form ~

CW Network
Comment Line ( 818 ) 977-6878

CW Entertainment President
Dawn Ostroff
3300 W Olive Ave #3
Burbank, CA 91505
( 818 ) 977-2500

CW Chief Operating Officer

USA & Sci-Fi Network President
Bonnie Hammer
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
( 212 ) 413-5000

Sci-Fi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
David Howe
Senior VP of Programming
Tom Vitale

USA Network Viewer Hotline
( 212 ) 664-4444
This is the NBC switchboard number. Ask for the USA viewer hotline.
Sci-Fi is also part of NBC. You can call this number again & leave a message for SciFi too.

30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
You can use this same address for the Sci-Fi channel.

Petition ~

Photo ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) Save Our Vampire wallpaper! Just click on the picture above for a larger image to use as a background for your computer desktop, MySpace page, website, Facebook, etc.


kookiegirl said...

OMG…It has taken me a few days to really absorb all the news going around and words cannot express the disillusion, sadness and disbelief I feel in my heart to find out that our beloved MOONLIGHT has been cancelled. To say that I’ve been staked right in the center of my heart by CBS and the pain that I feel is unbearable it’s an understatement, so I can imagine how the loyal fans of this amazing show must be going thru as well. I just finish reading Alex’s message and now the stake is completely buried in my heart so that just about did it for. If we’re all feeling this way, I know that Alex must be completely destroyed after working and fighting so hard for his baby MOONGLIGHT. My hearts goes out to him, Sophia, Jason and the rest of the cast and want to thank them for giving the fans so much, pain, joy & laughter during the 16 epis. of Moonlight. Last but not least, I want to thank you Kandye for your hard work, dedication and for keeping the fans abreast of all the news regarding our beloved Moonlight and our gorgeous Alex. I’m doing my part in this campaign, fighting, writing, emailing, etc, you name it, because I know that Moonlight and our Alex will be coming back...I know, I feel it in my heart!! We shall overcome!!

Lyn said...

I have sent postcards to all 3 with the message "8 million viewers can't be wrong. CBS thinks so, but do you? Pick up Moonlight and get 8 million loyal viewers overnight".

I also left VMs on all 3 numbers.

Anonymous said...



Jennifer said...

Thank you very much for all the info! I'm doing all one person with a job can, lol. I was completely blindsided by the cancellation. I thought once it won the People's Choice Award and came back after the writer's strike that it was safe. I have changed my blog to honor "Moonlight". My blog is at
BTW, I found your site after I changed my blog... guess I wasnt the only one who thought black w/ red text would be cool, so I didn't rip you off on purpose! LOL I did, however, inserted one of your banners to link back to you. I hope we can do something to get this show back on the air. Thanks!

psu_beth said...

Just a quick update from central PA...I called the WB phone number and voiced my support for the show and asked that they continue to show it around, which I was told they are doing (as the receptionist said, "so there is hope..."). I was also given the phone number for CBS by WB to voice my disappointment with them (sounds like maybe a little bad blood?!?...oooo, vampire pun-tastic!).

I called the CW viewer line and left a comment. I called the CW president's number and as soon as I said what I was calling about, I was transferred back to the comment line.

I have other calls to make and postcards to mail, so I'll wrap this up here...IT IS SO ON!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my best to help out too as Moonlight is the best thing to happen to TV for ages, however... is moving Moonlight to a lesser channel or even cable the best things for Alex, Sophia & Jason. Is a mid-season pickup a step backwards? Iam an Aussie so I don't really understand how it works, but I would hate to stall their careers. I'm sure Alex could easily get another lead role now on a CBS drama (isn't he contracted for 6years?). I'll follow Alex, Sophia & Jason now onto anything in their careers they have made such an impact on me. However, it is Mick, Beth & Josef that I love!!

Lyn said...

KANDYE... CBS opened up a line today asking for demographics for Moonlight. I was sceptical, but just called it. The girl who answered was very nice. She asks "where do you live and what age group are you". She was unable to say whether this will lead to anything, but told me she had received A LOT of calls and that she had also heard A LOT from people (like me) who said this kind of attachment to a show was unusual for them.

Here are the details:

Everyone tomorrow morning starting at 9AM EST you must call this number and be counted 212-975-4545

Lyn said...

I should add that although they are saying "from tomorrow" I got answered tonight. I see on the CBS board others saying the same.

Also - I got a busy signal about 5 times but kept hitting redial and got through to a person.


AnnaVanZ said...

Jennifer, I know what you mean! I have spent the last two days on this, and have gotten very little done at work! But I feel compelled to - damn it, Moonlight is the one show I love. I've never done anything like all this EVER, or even been on a fan bulletin board or forum before this show. I'm pretty wowed by how many fans have come together like a fierce army to fight for this show - it's AWESOME!
I'm not a My Space or Facebook person; is there another way to pass along a personal note of support to the cast?

Anonymous said...

annavanz, I am also like you - I'm not a facebook person either. And I haven't tried to save a show since I was about 13 (a jillion years ago!) before the internet! (told ya it was a jillion years ago!) but moonlight GOT to me like no other show in over 30 years. I have been writing and calling and my work is staring back at me like I've gone completely round the bend. but I have to do whatever I can to save this wonderful show!!