Monday, May 12, 2008

Moonlight needs its fans now more than ever! SAVE OUR VAMPIRE

My friends ~

I know everyone is discouraged right now due to the leak of negative news about CBS' intentions with Moonlight. Remember, nothing is official yet. We will not know the true fate of our show's renewal or cancelation until the network makes the announcement during the upfronts on Wednesday.

The entertainment business is just that.... a business. It's about money. Several sources have reported that CBS is trying to get Warner Bros Studio to shoulder more of the cost. For all we know, these leaks are simply their way of pressuring the WB even more by getting Moonlight fans whipped into a frenzy.

Perhaps, as some media outlets are reporting, Moonlight will come back as a midseason show. Maybe it will be picked up by another network or move to cable. Alex O'Loughlin said "there'd be a lot more blood, there'd be a lot more sex, there'd be a lot more everything" if Moonlight was a cable show. I could live with that ;>

Bottom line.... I will watch Moonlight no matter when or where it is shown! My loyalty is not to CBS, it is to the show!

Not long ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to work with DarkRavyn & DJ Timmy D to create a "Save Our Vampire" video, featuring the delicious Alex O'Loughlin as our Mick St John. I think the message is even more important and needed now. A little pick me up and a battle cry for Moonlight fans. We won't give up the fight for Moonlight, will we?!??

Be heard as a Moonlight viewer! Of course, we need to continue to be polite & concise in all correspondence. Threatening &/or insulting messages will not help our cause. I know that I can count on you to simply speak from your heart :)

XO ~

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Email and call CBS' Audience Services department
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Anonymous said...

My mom just set up a sleepover for me and my friend for friday night. (I am only 13, so I have sleepovers) I was so mad, but I am a loyal Moonlight fan, so I guess she will have to watch it with me, like it or not. I am NOT going to let our Mick down! Who knows, she may turn into one of us!

micksgirl24 said...

Hi moonlight viewers! I am writing a potation for the renewal of our show! If you want to be added on my list of viewers, just leave a comment or PM me with your first name and if you want last anittional or your e-mail address. Please help me, I only have a few names on the list so far!!
Scarlet F.*Ra, Ra, Ra!*

Anonymous said...

I just read on another message board Shannon Sossamon and Eric Winter have signed up to new shows- which doesn't look good. It only adds to the rumours the show has been axed. I wonder how Alex feels now, he said recently in an interview he turned down movie rolls that would coincide with the taping of season 2. Poor Guy. I'm trying to stay positive but when everyone is reporting the same thing, I think its all said and done!

Jude said...

Well, the fun has gone out of this for me. Usually I watch and re-watch episodes as I work at my online jobs. Usually I watch scads of YouTube videos. Just the thought of non-renewal has me so depressed that I'm in withdrawal. I'm still hoping, though.

Anonymous said...

I have been depressed all day. I cant belive this, we must stick together and save Moonlight! Dont worry Mick, we won't let you down!

Rappleyea said...

Kandye - you are right on when you said that it is all about the money. Bottom line (pun intended) is CBS does NOT care about its fans, how great the show is, People's Choice Awards, etc., etc. ALL it cares about is ratings, which are only mediocre for our show, because ratings translate into advertising dollars. It is truly that simple. CBS could have the original airing of Hamlet and without great ratings, they'd tell old Will to take a hike!

So seriously, all of the fan campaigning in the world won't save this show if it is scheduled for the axe. CBS's mentality is, "Where were you all on Friday nights that the numbers weren't any higher?"

Isabel_Spain said...

I'm from Spain, I am sending emails to get a chance to the show. I'm a big fan of the show and I'll feel very sad If the show is cancelled :( We must do everything we can!!!

Lyn said...

I left some feedback for WB and at this point I think that may be the best idea.

When you go to their feedback form, there isn't a selection for Moonlight.

May I suggest that we all provide feedback with a one liner - similar to the "I am not a Nielsen viewer" one-liner we send to CBS --

If you think this is a good idea Kandye, could you suggest it on the front page along with a suggested category so we all use the same one?

Anonymous said...

i am doing everything i can i am going to each site from moonlightline. moonlight fans,moonlight detective, moonlight yahoo and moonlight cbs. i am trying really hard to keep our show alive. i hope it will stay.