Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Continuing to contact Joel Silver & Warner Bros Studio

WOW! I've received heaps of messages from folks letting me know that they have also been writing to Warner Bros & Joel Silver. Urging them to give us more Moonlight. That makes me too happy :) :) :) I'm thrilled that you have been in this campaign too.... and not at all surprised by your dedication. We've been contacting Silver Pictures & the WB for months, and will continue to do so ~ right?!?!?

Many comments came from international fans saying that they have been sending mail. Some are using postcards showcasing their country. Very smart! Movie studios & producers want to make piles of money in the US and abroad. Mounds of colorful fan mail adorned with "Greetings from....... Australia, Germany, Brazil, Israel, England, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, etc etc" is a great visual to remind them of the $$$ to be made around the world with Moonlight.

I received another exciting batch of emails from those who have not been writing to Joel Silver &/or Warner Bros ~ but now plan to after hearing Alex O'Loughlin's encouraging remarks. *cheer*

You asked for ideas about what to write. It is best to be concise and on point, since you are contacting busy people. Here are a few things I have written in various messages.... I will follow Moonlight no matter where it goes.... ask for a DVD release for season one.... encourage them to produce a film..... point out the continued support from fans even though Moonlight was canceled months ago.... express my love for our show (cast, crew and writers).... unlimited storylines.... thanks for giving us Moonlight in the first place.... Vampires are extremely popular right now.... untapped revenue to be had from movies & merchandise.... and so on :)

As requested, I'm reposting the contact info for you ~

Joel Silver
Silver Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd.
Building #90
Burbank, CA 91522-0002

Warner Bros Studio
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Alan F. Horn ~ President & COO
Jeff Robinov ~ President of WB Pictures Group
Kevin Tsujihara ~ President of WB Home Entertainment Group (asking for Moonlight DVD)

WB feed back form ~

Thank you for all your hard work in attempting to save Moonlight :) Please, keep sending those letters, postcards and emails!


Anonymous said...

What have you done? After watching Tru Blood, you MUST realize that Moonlight was so much better....more sophisticated, entertaining, better acting, etc.
HBO will probably walk off with yet another Emmy because you are refusing to listen to your fans. Moonlight was good. Tru Blood is stupid. Stick with your fan base. I can't believe you made such a poor choice. There are so many stupid shows on the networks and one of the few that was really beginning to take off, you cancel.
How long will you be in your job?

moonlightfan said...

Moonlight is by far superior to True Blood. It is uninmaginable that a good show that has one of the largest and constant fan base and won the People Choice Award gets cancelled. The network should seriously reconsider and bring Moonlight back. Friday night without Moolight is simply not the same!

Anonymous said...

This is the one show, (other than "Dexter" on Showtime), that I was seriously looking forward to this Fall. I am a huge mystery/suspense fan, and the sexual tension between Beth and Mick was electric! I admit that the show got off to an un-impressive start, but by the time the season was over, the characters were more fully developed. Josef was particuliarly suprising; he went from a cold, uncaring killer to an incredibly sympathetic supporter of Mick's more "human" needs. Mick was something I definitely looked forward to in between "Ghost Whisperer" and "Numbers" - as I am not a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, I would never have watched the show if "Moonlight" had not been sandwiched in between. I am deeply disappointed that the saga of Mick St. John ends at a cliff! If a movie was made from this series, I would be one of the first in line - and I HATE paying $8.00 for a movie!

Please find some way to bring Mick back from the CBS deadzone!!!

Anonymous said...

Why???? I just don't understand. There is so much rubbish on television, to the extent which I had given up on it completely. They are happy to air reality crap, due to its cheap overheads but cancel a well scripted, well written story. A lot of people seem to be as outraged as myself about Moonlight's cancellation. So all I can ask is why????? once again. With all the hype about the Twilight series, it seems surprising that they cancel a vamp show. Not that I'm comparing Moonlight to the tweenyness of Twilight. :(

Durham_Red said...

Why have you done this to us. I'd have rather Moonlight didn't get aired at all in Britain, at least we wouldn't know what we were missing. Just because the programme makes you think and isn't just spoon fed effects CDS/Warner believes it doesn't have an audience. Unbelievable. On this basis I am amazed Big Bang got off the ground at all. Please, someone, ANYONE bring back Moonlight. This is not fair

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above...Moonlight is fantastic and we all want is back. Why do you not pay attention to what people REALLY want???

mel&aj said...

I only now just watched moonlight, and I just learned that there were no second season made! how disappointing. why are all those bullshit series showing on TV but an excellent show like moonlight were cancelled! really, I don't understand the stupidity. the first season just stopped right there and now we have all these questions and thoughts about what would have happened next!