Sunday, October 5, 2008

TV By The Numbers ~ the Ex-List disappoints

Friday Night Ratings: Ex-List disappoints
by Robert Seidman

Things keep getting worse for Friday nights. CBS won the night overall, but both the premiere of The Ex List and the return of Numb3rs must have been a little disappointing for the EYE network. The Ex List was down off the premiere of Moonlight a year ago, but Numb3rs was also down noticeably.

Despite the woes, CBS was the only network to have two shows place over 8 million viewers.

Moonlight Fans — I’m not sure this info is gloat-worthy, but I’m not sure it isn’t. There is no denying that Moonlight did have 8 million viewers in its premiere last year and that The Ex List didn’t. And although The Ex-List had slightly more 18-49 year old viewers than Moonlight’s finale, even in the finale, Moonlight drew 7.47 million. You can see last year’s numbers for Moonlight’s first-run airings here.


Anonymous said...

It made me fell good for about 2 seconds that Moonlight did better than the Ex List. But then reality sunk in- Moonlight is over,done, kaput! We can compare numbers and make comparisons again and again but in the end one fact remains....the crap broadcasting system took our show and cancelled it-end of story.

Anonymous said...

You are right "Anonymous", our show is gone, but ohhhhh the sweet, sweet taste of karma is a wonderful thing.

Crap broadcasting system's failures are my reward. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Sorry if I sound bitter, but why should a network succeed with a mediocre show like "Ex-List" after ignoring their loyal viewers and cancelling a ratings hit like "Moonlight"? Even if it wasn't the highest rated show on their network, it may have become that if given a chance. I mean, it won it's time slot several times and CBS still thought it wasn't good enough. So I'd like to see their logic with keeping this new dud with lower ratings.

Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

this is just me trying t be positive, but wouldn't it be great if the ex list dies, and they put up Moonlight to replace it! No matter how hard I try, my brain just wont accept Moonlight's cancellation.

Anonymous said...

Who can say "We knew that was going to happen". ML is gone, only a loving memory. But we can relish in the afterglow of the "Ex-list"s poor showing. It too will go by the wayside.