Monday, October 6, 2008

TV Week ~ ‘Ex-List’ Can’t Top ‘Moonlight’

More media & entertainment sources are picking up on the fact that The Ex-List's ratings were much lower than Moonlight's debut numbers.

TV Week
‘Ex-List’ Can’t Top ‘Moonlight’

Baseball took some steam away from football on Sunday, while CBS’ Friday premiere of “The Ex List” failed to best “Moonlight’s” launch numbers.

On Friday, CBS debuted “The Ex List” (2.0/6) to moderate ratings. “List” declined 20% from the premiere of “Moonlight,” which previously held the time period. “Ghost Whisperer” (2.4/9) held steady from its year-to-year rating, while “Numb3rs” dipped 19%.

Thanks to Sergio for making sure I knew about this info :)

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