Saturday, June 6, 2009

SPOILER ~ My Recap of Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)

SPOILER ALERT! This is my little recap of Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)

I hope you will bear with me. I'm trying to write my usual episode recap, but I'm a bit upset.

First of all, I must say that I am soooooooooooooooooo glad the feared cliffhanger ending did not happen! When Jason mentioned that in an interview, he must have been referring to the list of Vampires that was mysteriously sent to ADA Talbot.

The producers said Moonlight fans would love the last scene. Very true! Often, fans of beloved, canceled shows are left with nothing but unanswered questions and unfinished storylines. I'm just grateful that we have some closure. However, IF we are fortunate enough to get our show back, they still have amazing stories to tell.

So sweet to see Josef funding a memorial for his Sleeping Beauty. Hearst College ~ funny!

We learn about the willing freshie world. Could Mick have been more uncomfortable when Beth asked how many he has enjoyed over the years?!

Mick and Beth's 4th actual date. I knew it was jinxed as soon as she said it's a date if a dead body is not involved.

Lots of jealousy tonight.... Josef & Simone, Mick & Beth, Emma & Jackson....

Talk about guilty looks as Beth walks in on Josef & Mick sampling Simone's blood. She is confused because feeding was a big deal in the moment she & Mick shared in the desert. Then, Mick says this was no big deal. Of course, there is a difference. Love! He does not have feelings for Simone.

I laughed out loud at this exchange. Beth asks Mick if he is ok after the scuffle during their visit to the frat house. Mick ~ "I got hit in the face with the sacred ass paddle." Beth ~ "Karma!" *grin*

Side note ~ Is being able to tell someone's blood type by taste a new power he has due to Josef's blood? Previously, he was surprised when Beth revealed her rare type.... even tho he had tasted it already.

Beth & Mick both observed the 150 year marriage that Emma & Jackson shared, yet had different perspectives of what that meant.

I chuckled when Jackson, being the gracious host, brought in the drinks. Blood for himself & Mick. Water for Beth.

As always, LOVED the scenes between Josef & Mick. Discussing his possible beyond freshie relationship with Simone... a human.... Josef ~ "Who doesn't like me? Did she say that?" hehehehehe

The gathering of the major vamps in LA. I smiled thinking that Logan got to meet Josef. Remember how envious he sounded about Mick knowing the richest & most powerful Vampyre?

When Jackson was allowed to have a final moment with Emma, I knew he would not leave her side.

Mick seeing their love led to the final scene between him & Beth. At first, he seems to be doing his usual routine. I had no doubts that he would go back to Beth.

"You want to know what Emma & Jackson made me realize? That you were right. You were right all along. This isn't about being a Vampire or a human. This is about us. How we feel about one another. Right here, right now!"

Their love also influences Beth. She asks Mick what she was wearing the night the met.... well... met again. ;> Of course, he knows. All he had to say was his response to her asking how he remembered. "Because, I love you."

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